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Here you will find all the frequently asked questions about Brainor and their answers

Worksheet FAQs

Worksheet FAQs

Do I Need to Become a Member to Download Worksheets?

NO! Our worksheets in the articles are completely free and you do not need any kind of account or member subscription to download them.

Where Can I Find the Worksheet Download Options?

There is a download button named “Download” under every method in the articles. Just click on this button and then a new tab will open up. From that page, you can download the worksheet

What Is the Format of Your Workbooks?

The format of all our worksheets is PDF (Portable Document Format) format. Use Adobe Reader to open these files and print them.

Do You Provide Printed Worksheets?

We only provide PDF format of our worksheets however you can download these worksheets and print them afterward.

Can I Make Changes to the Worksheets?

The content of our worksheets are protected and you can not make any changes to them. You may split the PDF after printing and distribute it to students.

How to Open and Print a Worksheet on My Computer/Laptop?

Our worksheets are in PDF formats. You can open these worksheets using Adobe Reader or any kind of default PDF reader. From there you can simply print those worksheets. If you are facing difficulties finding the perfect PDF reader then you can download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Do You Provide Answer Keys for Your Worksheets?

In each worksheet, we solve the first practice problem and keep the rest for the students. However, if the worksheet seems tough to solve, then we will provide the answer at the bottom of the practice sheet.

I Am a teacher. Can I Share Your Worksheets in My Class with My Students?

Yes, most certainly! Feel free to copy, and download our worksheets from this website. You can share our worksheets in the classroom with students though there are some certain rules and do’s and don’ts for this site and you can find these on the terms and conditions page.

Worksheet Downloads FAQs

I Can’t Open the Downloaded PDF File. What Should I Do?

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader if you can’t open the PDF file. If you are still facing trouble, then let us know in our comment section so that we can solve this problem.

How to Find Downloads Folder on My Computer/Mac?

  • On a PC, your downloads are usually in the “Downloads” folder under the “Quick Access Option”. Or you can press “CTRL+J” on your web browser to view the list of your downloaded items.
  • On Mac, you can access the downloads folder from the Finder’s sidebar. Or you can go to Finder > Preferences, and turn it on in the Sidebar tab. You can also quickly get to it from Go > Downloads (Option+Command+L).

How to Find the Downloads Folder on My iPad/iPhone?

You can find the downloads folder on an iPad or iPhone by locating the Files app. Spotlight Search is the easiest way

  • First, swipe one finger downward from the middle of your home screen, and then type “Files.”
  • Go to “Files>Browse”
  • Tap “On My iPhone”/“On My iPad”. Then the downloads folder will appear in the list of “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad folders.
  • Tap on the downloads folder to find your workbooks.

How to Find the Downloads Folder on My Android tablet/Phone?

Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen.

  • Find the “My Files/Folder” Option and Tap on it
  • Then find the downloads option and tap on it. Here you will find your downloaded PDFs.

Premium Resources FAQs

What Are the Contents of Your Premium Resources?

In our premium worksheets, we provide the extended versions of our free worksheets. We provide some extra methods and more pages of practice sheets along with a detailed explanation of some procedures.

How can I Get Access to Your Premium Resources?

All our premium worksheet resources are in You easily can get access to our premium Resource channel by Clicking Here.