About Us

Who are We? What Do We Do?

Brainor was founded in ….. an educational platform that provides free and premium printable teaching worksheets for kids. The worksheets are easily downloadable, printable, of high-quality and categorized grade and topic-wise for learners from Kindergarten to Grade 5. The worksheets are made with care and high accuracy for use as teaching aids in the classroom or at home by teachers and parents.

Our mission is to make learning fun, engaging, and accessible to everyone, from students to teachers, parents, and tutors. We are a specialized team in designing and creating worksheets with vibrant, engaging graphics and colorful themes that can hold the interest of students.

Our main priority is to deliver freely accessible top-notch worksheets and affordable premium worksheets designed for Kindergarten to Grade 5.

What Are Our Goals?

  • We ensure strong math and reading skills for learners and pave the way for their future learning.
  • We provide free and premium worksheet materials based on both grade and topic, ensuring a user-friendly and effortless navigation experience.
  • We cover all possible methods to understand and solve a problem and our worksheet contents flow from easy to difficult level to ensure a step-by-step process of learning. We solve the first practice problem in the worksheets for better understanding.
  • We are committed to running this website by a group of dedicated individuals who are experts in their respective fields. The fundamental focus of our website is to assist students in mastering their skills in mathematics, grammar, Science, and vocabulary.
  • We maintain separate teams based on separate topics to cover, design, and create interactive worksheets. Our content goes through two quality-checking steps to ensure that our worksheets are flawless.

How Worksheets Help Kids to Learn?

  • Worksheets encourage students to engage actively and physically with the material, whether it’s through writing, drawing, or solving problems. This hands-on approach fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Students can learn by creating their own way through worksheets, allowing them to thoroughly grasp a concept before moving on.
  • Many worksheets include answer keys or spaces for self-assessment. This enables students to receive instant feedback on their performance, identify errors, and correct misconceptions, promoting a deeper level of understanding.
  • Worksheets can be designed to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and the practical application of knowledge.
  • Teachers can customize worksheets based on their needs. This customization results in creating more learning spaces for the students and their potential.

Our Organization

Brainor is a concern of SOFTEKO; a fast-growing company focusing on digital content publishing. Visit the Official Site of SOFTEKO to learn more about the organization.

Our Blog

In our Brainor Blog, we encourage parents to actively support their children to achieve their full academic potential.

Our Store

We have a store for premium and affordable worksheet resources including games, puzzles, and different learning activities. Visit this Store from here.

Our Team

Team Brainor is a specialized team in designing and creating worksheets with vibrant, engaging graphics and colorful themes that can hold the interest of students. Learn about Team Brainor from Here!

We’re thrilled to welcome feedback and suggestions from our users. We take their input seriously and make sure to incorporate their ideas into our upcoming worksheets.