These worksheets aid in the learning of fundamental shapes by giving students practice in tracing, sketching, labeling, and identifying 2D shapes, as well as differentiating between 2D and 3D shapes and finding relations between shapes and actual objects.

Our kindergarten 2D shape worksheets encourage youngsters to trace, color, and write the names of the fundamental 2D shapes.

Our tracing and drawing shapes worksheets help youngsters trace some basic 2D shapes and draw them again by themselves to strengthen their capabilities.

Students are required to trace a shape, draw it, and then find all the identical shapes in a variety of other shapes in our worksheets on identifying shapes.

We go over the names of 2D shapes in our kindergarten name of shapes worksheets. Young learners are required to match a shape’s name to its drawing.

Next, worksheets comparing 2D and 3D shapes are provided. Pupils divide shapes into two categories: two-dimensional and three-dimensional. It is not necessary for students to go through the names of the shapes; instead, they must be able to distinguish between these two categories of shapes.

Real-life objects and their shapes are discussed in these kindergarten matching worksheets. Youngsters match various objects or things from real life to their corresponding shapes.