Vocabulary Worksheets

These free words worksheets will help your youngsters learn their first words and improve their vocabulary for further use.

Kindergarten kids can learn groups of vocabulary terms with our printables. Activities include writing words’ first letters, completing hidden letters, and matching pictures to words.

Children can identify common words, also referred to as “sight words,” with the aid of our worksheets. Children should be able to easily identify these words by sight because they are so common and regular.

Youngsters are asked to break down popular compound words into their source words and form them in various ways in our compound word worksheets.

Words with comparable meanings are called synonyms, whereas words with opposing meanings are called antonyms. These worksheets help kindergarteners learn about synonyms and antonyms, practice reading single words, and expand their vocabulary.

An -s is added to the end of most nouns to turn them into plural. ‘More than one’ and the differences between singular and plural forms of words are explained to your children by these free worksheets.

Words with similar spellings and sounds but distinct meanings are called homophones. Our kindergarten-level vocabulary worksheets go over common homonyms.

One asks inquiries using interrogatives, sometimes known as “question words”. These vocabulary exercises highlight the distinctions between frequently asked question words.