15 Free Worksheets on Subtract by Counting Back

subtract by counting back

Our printable worksheets are designed to help first-graders master the concept of subtraction by counting back. These worksheets provide examples and guided practice to aid students in developing a strong understanding of counting numbers and subtraction principles that can be applied to real-life situations. Our worksheets provide various interactive exercises on subtraction by counting back. … Read more

Addition to 10 Worksheets | 27 Free Pages

Our collection of addition-based worksheets up to 10 will help first-graders better perceive basic mathematical operations. Completing these worksheets will help boost their mathematical understanding of addition and connect theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. These addition-based worksheets offer various engaging activities such as counting, coloring, using number lines, and ocean-themed, school-themed, and Easter-themed objects. Practicing … Read more

20+ Free Tracing Numbers 1-20 Worksheets in PDF

free printable tracing numbers 1 20 worksheets pdf - overview

Our worksheets on tracing numbers from 1 to 20 are designed for first-graders to practice writing and identifying numbers. Practicing our free printable worksheets will help students learn the proper formation of each number. These printable worksheets include various engaging exercises for students to trace numbers from 1 to 20. They can practice writing numbers … Read more

18 Printable Pages of Double Digit Addition

double digit addition

Double-digit addition is a form of addition where numbers are added according to their place values of ones and tens. Our set of worksheets features addition problems that are designed to help first-graders practice adding double-digit numbers with and without regrouping or carrying. This resource can be used to evaluate students’ understanding of double-digit addition … Read more

15 Subtracting Tens Worksheets | Free Printable

Subtracting tens worksheet overview

Our printable worksheets on subtracting tens are an excellent way for first-graders to practice subtraction in several ways. Solving these worksheets will help them improve their mathematical understanding and subtraction skills. Our collection of worksheets on subtracting tens offers a fun and exciting way for first-graders to strengthen their subtraction and mathematics skills. With various … Read more

Blank Part Part Whole 12 Free Worksheet | Easily Printables

Blank Part Part Whole Worksheet

Our collection of whole and blank-parts worksheets is crafted for first-graders to grasp the fundamentals of math factors. These exercises include various types of number bonds, ensuring a solid understanding of mathematical concepts. These printable whole and blank-parts worksheets offer a comprehensive approach to understanding number bond additions. From exploring rectangle shapes to utilizing various … Read more

15 Making 10 on a Ten Frame Worksheet | Free Printable

making 10 on a ten frame worksheet

We offer printable worksheets on making 10 on a ten-frame to help students develop basic number and counting skills. First-graders can practice basic addition problems through our free collection of worksheets. Our collection of worksheets included making 10 on a ten-frame through counting, coloring, and drawing. Download our free worksheets to help kids become more … Read more

15 Free Worksheets on Number Sentence Suitable for Grade 1

number sentence grade 1 featured image

First-graders can develop an in-depth knowledge of how to write number sentences with the help of our printable worksheets. Kids will be able to learn fundamental math concepts and how to make number sentences using these examples. The concept of creating numerical sentences can be used in practical scenarios as well.  Our printable worksheets provide … Read more

15+ Subtraction by Crossing out Worksheet

Subtraction by Crossing out Worksheet

With these interactive worksheets where objects are crossed out to indicate subtraction, students can better visualize and understand the subtraction concept. These worksheets also offer opportunities to develop counting and fine motor skills when students count and cross out objects to find the answer. Our collection of free printable worksheets is a great way for … Read more

8+ Free Worksheets on Odd and Even Numbers Chart

odd and even numbers chart

Get ready to explore odd and even numbers through our super-colorful and interactive charts. Our printable worksheets help first graders gain a strong understanding of identifying odd and even numbers. These chart-based worksheets teach kids basic math ideas regarding number identification. With the help of interesting theme-based charts, students can develop their knowledge on this … Read more